Fluffy Buddies Grooming - Professional All Breed Grooming
Fluffy Buddies Grooming is professional all breed grooming establishment located in Holland, Massachusetts owned and started by myself, Jaime Howard, Certified Groomer. I  specialize in grooming dogs that are older and also dogs that are timid.  My philosophy about grooming is to make the grooming experience as least stressful as possible.  I only book one dog at a time (unless multiply dogs per family).  Each dog gets 100% of my attention during the whole groom. I DO NOT cage dry. Each dog is fully hand dried after the bath which creates less stress on the dog and a better outcome with the haircut.

Every groom includes 2 baths,nails being filed, ears plucked and cleaned, pads of feet cleaned out, sanitary area cleaned and full haircut as requested by customer.  The reason for the 2 baths is the first just gets to the surface and the second one gets right down to the skin to get all the dirt out.  All the shampoos/conditioners I use are all hypo-allergenic and tearless.  The shampoo that I use depends on the dogs coat and skin condition.

I also keep my rates very reasonable so that customers can afford to have their dogs groomed.  Most grooming salons charge for individual services, dematting, shampoo, anal glands etc.  My rates are all inclusive and just because my rates are reasonable, you will find that you will get a better experience, groom and a more relaxed dog then going to another grooming salon. 

Please feel free to contact me for rates, references, to set up an appointment or for any additional questions not answered here.

Thank you and I hope to have the chance to groom your dog :)

Piggles, Fluffy Buddies Grooming mascot and customer service manager :)

Our newest addition and mascot Pickles, she is in the process of becoming assistant customer service manager and bathing assistant. Here she is showing her specialty service, mud baths. Such a special little girl.


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